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Is unwilling to part, I sent to walk this year, 2014 Chinese New Year.The Hu Lun swallows Zao, also don't know the taste in year, the year had no. Think of the year of childhood years very much.Every day the nest is in the home and have a meal, watch television, sleep lazy feel, see a writing to keep diary, dress to stretch hand, rice come to Zhang Kou, carefree, freedom comfortable, Sale Discount Kensington Parka Canada Goose Outlet Onlinevery interesting.Year after growing up, completely not the ability is independent, not is to walk to visit friend in person, be rush through feeling to drink, everything can not decline, the each and every item can not be absent, all in the reason.Hope the year of head for a year, although don't work of fetters, is not easy either, alcohol, bill, rush about, hunger, chill and nap, become a keyword.Really think, keep the children company every day, cook a meal, take a shower for them, play together with them, sleeping.But isn't ability every day. Think of the year of country very much.The every family chimney smoke curls up, door the door is in brief vigorous, eat 1:00 in the morning, Sale Discount Kensington Parka Canada Goose Outlet Onlinethen prepare regiment rice for year, the favour lives greater half for sky and carries ten major bowls, there is meat containing fish, have been already steamed and cooked, green vegetables essential to have, the salted vegetable prohibits and seats at table, the meal has good, once the firecrackers put, Sale Discount Kensington Parka Canada Goose Outlet Onlinethe adult kid rounds and sits 1 table and drink of drink, pour beverage and pour beverage, very not happy!New Year couplet and spirit guarding essential to have, the New Year couplet is what oneself makes, oneself who have writes and have of ask person's generation to write, have to stick out before having rice in year, the spirit guarding is generally Qin Shu Bao and Wei late respectful, can not stick anti-.The most interesting is New Year's Eve, stew vegetables to float joss-stick, the spring plays in the evening, had been guarding till 12:00 A.M. and drill a front door to let off firecrackers and greet new year of arrival.The beginning is one morning, the descendants have to start to want greatly and early and give to depart from this life first the generations visit grave, then once came back early, lead early eat generally is noodles and stew vegetables.Finish eating breakfast go to string door, the all families makes New Year's visits to say hello and make longer an inside short.Very not be used to the year in the city, person in the supermarket crowded person, buying the thing has to line up a very long brigade, the street gets on the car to get a car and run about the most inconvenient, the night of the New Year's Eve surprised thunder resounds through an ear window repeatedly, hard go into sleep, residents small area, marry funeral marriage, Gao Da's theatrical stage, is also rare hospice. Father says to celebrate the New Year in that he don't come to city any further and fought very and suppressed panically, very not orientation.I again ever be not? Has 365 days for a year, Sale Discount Kensington Parka Canada Goose Outlet Onlineif being each were all very tired, oneself would be not happy, can not bring other people a happiness, either, what is the so on the hoof meaning actually?Tomorrow will go to work and started for new year of busy, hope that we can program well, confidence good, do more some affair that oneself's happiness also lets other people's happiness.My sorrow, you don't know

In the morning, the bird wakes first sun rays in the morning ups.The eastern auspicious atmosphere curls up and flow Lan like Huan.Still in the sleeping, the Tashan's Ning is like jade green jade, quiet if place son.Air thus delightfully fresh, a few deep breathings after, heart Cheng the Che is empty clearly.The morning of Shan-li, clearly clean nice and secluded, cloud connect top of head to occasionally float, all seemed to be in the mountain spring to once wash several times.

Does 《playing cards house 》 have many fires?It is said that even all of American president Obamas are the faithful cellophane noodles of this play!Playing cards house, namely the playing cards take of house, weak and then choiceness, like dark black power field.This play is also called is the darkest black and strange and changeful political play& hellip in recent years;

Nietzsche thinks that the philosopher should not distort thing and its thought with the deducing of false and the dialectical method.Since Nietzsche saw, philosophy is one fluxion of personal thinking and consciousness in much time, not is basis the whole set of people of the past theory construction affirmation of the negation or the many-storied building of the negation.Very obviously, sea virtuous space Er, Wei especially root Si Tan with those behind the modern philosophy master is deeply influenced by it.In the high building of thousand windows 100 bores, the negation of negation can be affirmation after returning.Being Hegelian is once figurative of the battlefield that tored to kill, the people of the past left behind of those had again how much worth we go to affirmative. Nietzsche's emergence lets Hegelian with those behind Comte doctrine is inferior to many.Also the mankind started getting in to introspect of ages, imitate our China of Buddha the precedents was again. "The person should not cover up also not should falsity our thoughts arrive at the actual way in our brains".This is probably a shortcut, the more direct phenomenon more can find out essence.So Nietzsche's a lot of articles use a paragraph for and let people read on to feel more depressive, the deep philosophy make people can not forget and refuse, each words are rated as classic.The many people thinks that so classic paragraph and Jing sentence are immortal, I think is also.But is an exception in our China, the Lu has the future after being fast difficult and says with Nietzsche's words and work hard blood and proverb write of thing, again the Qi is what common man can know. Doing not know is Hegelian whether under the influence of Chinese bureaucracy, once going into official and thinking is long-last, oneself doesn't calculate from cradle to the grave and also paves road surfaces for descendant.In the world of whole life, did several rare matters, don't know that this calculates not to calculate "the abyss of time of merit".The many-storied building that continuously piles up, and the not exactly can resist strong wind heavy rain and take out a piece of brick to have the possibility to all tumble down.Again the common man Qi cans not know, but still need to do and is like the big net of spider similar and hard but benumbed management this that right.Even if sinking into the predicament of the silk of cc Fei has to also also do, and beautiful it Yue:"Determined old fool can move a mountain".But this world actually needs again how much Yu male!Continuous change, continuously of innovation, but the unique didn't reform of is a deeply rooted ignorant thought, "grow proper descendant" is already unsuitable for this society, at least expect a gold is to think like this, the Lu is fast to also think like this.Descend to go thus, we will sink into the mire that wes design for wes can not from pull out. Deeply rooted of unprogressive the thought is also molding some persons of bigotries at the same time, clear of can not don't give up as well for and being it, even if facing blood and life..I think if these people can transfer the following to the attention, this society be not so.In this empty world, the fatuity isn't terrible, terrible of is those persons who can never face oneself's fatuity, the most terrible is those people still is practicing so-called truth.So this world is bad.With record 8

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