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In 1964, change the fish set Hong Lao to wreak havoc for a year of watershed.Previous from deep autumn 195 zero to spring 1964 of in 14 years, fish set the government successively and totally organize total amount's about 1,000,000 labor battalions to side river in fish Taitung, east fish river, Sale Discount Goose Hunting In Canada Outlet OnlineHui river, reply new river, new fish river, white Ma He, fish pure river, old ten thousand blessing rivers and new ten thousand nine big rivers like blessing river,etcseses carry on lately opening to dig or deepen, opening widely, pure Wu, had several rivers to flow to meet for great battle within these several years three times among them, widen to deepen to build Gao again and again.Though this endless 14 years fish set the people use the Qu of heart, flesh and blood of godliness courageously war manage the floods moves by expecting heaven, cancellation disaster, heaven well intentionally set against with the elders person of hometown of fish set similar, still still year by year water is full to bring trouble.A ground people hope of eyes lift, another empty and dry puckerily lowly.This lets whole county the people can not help exclamation:On sky if having feeling were as well old for sky, the human life proper way would be a vicissitudes of life.!

The growth wants to pay for it with sweat of, paying one price like this and sweat is worth, it is like a rainbow similar beauty and be like admire reach clean and pure, Sale Discount Goose Hunting In Canada Outlet Onlineit is like life in the most beautiful of melody and moving and tactful.Moving is it lets our understanding what is mature?What call simplicity?Maturity and simplicities all realize from the growth.Mature is definite view that we have an oneself, have the oneself the principle for doing a person, the false, docile, justice and bravenesses are all humanistic one sides, regardless false, docile, justice, bravenesses are all decided by our request in doing a person.While paying for it, our affirmation will harvest successful joy, the precept of failure, this is to grow up road, the top has to experience of a lesson, Sale Discount Goose Hunting In Canada Outlet Onlinethis also I arrive in the blue hotel Wu.The blue hotel brings my feeling Wu too many, bring my feeling to the growth Wu also a lot of.The growth is a song, it needs to diligently work properly to listen, so as to listen its all the sweet and bitter experiences, so as to can solve annoyance that the growth brings a person, because this is to grow up road, the top has to experience of the process is also to thought the process of growth, is also the process to the life views.The road of growth is facing the baptism of breeze and rain, because it is that we know each other the real meaning of growth.

The angel says:Can there is also my shadow on your body. The angel once turned round to go and had been already cried. The bird is put on with the feather dress the angel's tears, say:Don't cry, I will appreciate you forever and bless you. The angel says:I have the possibility to fly with you, fish with you forever all can not together. The bird grievedly lowers the head and says:So I can deplore greatly fish more and cherish to gather together of each silk time.Angel's air gloomily stands on the near the bank, because for remembering fondly bird, the bird grievedly looking at fish, because to the love of fish, the fish weeps over in Shui-li, similar because of canning not be like an angel fly together with bird. The "you don't be sad, you tomorrow then can together fly forever, " angel towards bird and fish to say. Bird and fishes all grievedly sigh and say:This how may?On the second day, ground in the sun Noan-noan rises, the creation is full of source of vitality, and the bird is like one former station in the near the bank and waits fish to float a surface. The fish grew a rightness of and the angel look exactly alike of wing, fly toward blue sky white cloud with bird. The blue sky white cloud bottom contains a grave of solitude and up writes:Break a wings angel.The past tense of New Year

The late autumn subtle fragrance hasn't completely kept off, the breathing of winter the F is silently close by.First sun rays in the morning, ash in the sky receives of, it is cloud, is fog to can not remember clearly, still haze, already the Xi is empty to used to see of people, in a hurry starts a day of life again.Though the algidity is pressing,the day still have to with each passing day lead, people still keep being laughing heartily with pain and sufferings, gather together and leave, long for and forget and exist in reality and imagination, for getting oneself thinks of, want of, dream of go to busy, pursue, probably this is the real life. Therefore, the cold idea of winter the slightest don't influence enthusiasm of Peking Man, is no matter a street side, website, market and tourist spot, everywhere it is thus clear that of is still the smiling face and zeal of Northerner.

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