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Low-key person must be a friendly person.He can't assume air of importance and put an arrogant smelly shelf, it make people keep at a respectful distance.One contains wise person and always is full of smiles, a person of birdbrain, always the algidity is pressing;The wise person always remembers the other people's name, Sale Discount Canada Goose Trillium Jacket Outlet Onlinestupid person, always hope the name is remembered by the other people.

Ever of wrote in the writingThe elder sister becoming friends with in the army camp.This is me at listen to one to make friends a program BE, discover to have a lot of war allies for serving as soldier, all make friend with the ways of war ally.He writes one to make friends letter to send to Anne transportation music in Shaanxi set.What letting the color reach a boy didn't think BE, his letter is true of be read out by the beautiful voice of host.He doesn't know as well the meeting can't have opposite sex to write a letter for him.Make him shocked BE, he receives a lot of letters.The letter of an among those woman university in Xian lets him has a kind of very marvellous felling and be like matutinal fog suddenly concealed suddenly now.He opens letter to read.Color's reaching a boy is drawn on by her artistic talent and character.He writes for her to answer the letter.The color reaches a boy to hope earnestly younger brother Jie's feeling.It may erupt at any time like volcano in his mind.It is like similar and continuously fluxion of blood in his heart.A letter& mdash for sealing;—Reach boy and her mind for color to start to build the bridge of a comity.While starting to build this comity bridge, I and she builds a bridge of love for the mind of the other party and exchanges much sugar for the mind of the other party.I am canning not live in the simple army camp, let time run to waste.While writing a letter in reply for her, also fancy to kick football, run.I am lining up in the garbage at this time, divided thus of connect a brigade, a row like this.My ideal imitates a Buddha to fall through a while, his goal in life dish seems to be also to lose a direction.His army camp career be so, not is to take a gun to protect a motherland, but is taking a Tiao broom to clean up each garbage of family members' area in the campus.I didn't complain and hard did a work like this.I feel a different post at the army camp, its value is also different.It makes the boy learn of the knowledge is also different.It is also in the post that is ignored a solution by the other people.He realizes a life of all the sweet and bitter experiences, realize the value of a life.Whenever clean up the garbage of finishing family members' area.The color reaches a boy to feel the special brightness in the mind and is like to exchange a pond in the mind.This campus is very clean, the air imitates a Buddha the subtle fragrance is also many, its imitating a Buddha is bathed in the hot springs, and its imitating a Buddha to let the color reach a while boy is mature.Ever of also wrote in the writing into study notes.At this time liking studying of his fanaticism.Read a Zhao, read a Hong shadow, read pond Li, read Wang Meng, read a spring tree of village, read 《youth selected essays 》 , read 《reader 》 .

That year, we met;That year, we separated;This year, engagement of meet you to forget?-Records a Buddha to say, previous incarnation 500 time Mous just change to wiping of this present life shoulder but lead.That year, 10-year-old we meet.While still recording a beginning to see we that is green puckery:"How do you do!" So, we acquainted with.That year, Sale Discount Canada Goose Trillium Jacket Outlet Onlinevery small we are together crazy, smile together, cry together.We recklessly rush under that of sky that belongs to us carefree.We have never thought one day we will separate, till that year.That year, government says to constuct a city, hence the village with our recollections dismantled, the person who once acquainted with is each to rush thing, looked for to reside the place of body.In that year, we separated.Even if having is too many of loathe to give up, but have to be restraining tears separate, before separating, we agree on to meet before constucting successful village after three years.Three years, I grew up and faded go to childish, but remain is a green puckery young girl.Three years, the place that once acquainted with gradually became unfamiliar, at present, in this land, already very difficult find out again to be like before so can allow the countryside that we rush.Three in the last yearses, I am missing you every day, have no your day to make people hard to carry on.At present, arrived for three years, I think our engagements and agree on at that every day good place to wait you.But, why haven't you appeared till now?Someone tells me, you have already forgotten me, can I not believe and remain wait you every day.Probably we missed, but I believe, the God can't not is able to see our friendship, we can definitely reencounter.I don't believe that you will forget the engagement for meeting, here, I mean to say, I will continue to wait you.(: )-The postscript head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713566/About the Shih Tzu didn't marry

《Time all goes where 》 lets shiver, trembling of my heart bang.The door is ex- the old tree grow new bud, withered wood in the hospital again bloom, the half a lifetime saved how much words, hid into a full head grey hair, Sale Discount Canada Goose Trillium Jacket Outlet Onlinethe small feet Ya in the memory, meat Du the small mouth& hellip of the Du;Time all goes where

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