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The break into laughter that I am super to like the body in nowadays, looking at chest muscle, don't thought of let my chest muscle increment for toughenning of two monthses, at the same time I ever various unwell felling be gradually weakening.Before brain anoxia, buzzing in the ears, having a stomach-ache the phenomenon of etc. had been nonexistent.Is more important of I the trouble& mdash that have a headache usually ever;—Have never appeared more now.It is brighter to still have in the past eyes ratio, the Zheng was much long-term, played how long of the computers couldn't feel tired.Is also that there is love in my heart, New Canada Goose White 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offseem in the mind a bridge that rises love, the bridge of this love will let my life be getting more fascinating.I really regret to at the beginning walk into let people depravity and drown of rose Di.I am to get a happiness here, but happiness what to leave is lonesome after with helpless.I hope a window to outside float the sky of snow, the weather like this makes me more and originally don't want to go out.Listen to in the dormitory music and the colleagues drink, New Canada Goose White 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offthe chat is really a happy affair.Chang Feng, you like dance music to rather go to rose Di, yonder felling than dormitory strong hundredfold.The colleague says.ButWant admission ticket.I helplessly say.It doesn't matter, I have rose Di of member's card, can be free to go in.His equanimity's saying.He rose Di of member's card give me.You sometimes go.Can make you get a happiness there, get the inspiration of writing, get you should get.He can see through with eyes at this time I, imitate a Buddha to know my mind at thinking what.Chang Feng, you don't want thus melancholy, it will make you old.His equanimity's saying.Thank you.The Chang Feng takes a rest earlier, tomorrow still need to go to work.His equanimity's saying.Okay, good evening.It is also the disaster that his member's card asks for.

I Chi fan writing, there is my dream in the writing, there is my expectation, there is my fun.One Jian Jian heart language, one Que Que pure phrase, love of the Xian Xian read and know to listen and put worry gradually, the words of concern, the warm person's salute , in the jumpy character list, loves dearly the human life a most beautiful emotion Qian Quan.You I separate to hold to hope, a thousand mountains and rivers, so near and yet poles apart, thank with your meet, is the scenery of the most beautiful my this present life.One a life time love fate, one Que warm joss-stick, month China is like water, bright and beautiful the memory of this present life.

If can not become my sun, that doesn't close to me standing alone of go to hide.If can not order the season bright, that doesn't bring me the sadness.Be used to a person setting out, a person swallowed all of hot.If I have tears is flowing, was a sand to is fond of an eye, the salt assaulted my strong

That lies sleep in the accumulated snow and calm down etc. wear the plentiful Ying of next year, a winter snow moment of Chiang-Nan crazy flood country wild, this flowing of breeze is copied once wore in snow sand, slowly walk on the weald that dust snow splashes, New Canada Goose White 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offlet the thoughts and feelings fly a flower in snow fog, small and soft listen to that snow of music of the son gorgeous dance, once the Ying keep in mind the cordiality of soft snow, and that snowflake Pian Xian, Ju a hold to long for of snow, gradually tie up Mian at fertile snow, the snowflake gradually raises in the breeze, the leisureliness sinks into, let this floats snow of the tender feelings in a short instant bloom Chiang-Nan.

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