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Envy a big owner, get, in the life most miserably of is these people, poor the person who leave money, two milks of nearby each age are pretty many, one person's a car, a building, a savings, still have to provide pin money every day, oneself Zheng's money on the whole is have a ground of son to spend.Can one person to living a kid, also don't dare and wear to keep clearly, can steal and living, kid many, none of oneselfs knows call what name, most miserably of is may have no severals are oneselfs own of, you can wrap her, she can also wrap other people with your money, even you still have to open handle bars she go toward other people bed up send, in the end can be oneself and spend money and buy a hat for he or she and take.There is on the whole at first going together with of the content sincerely madam, arrive old just discover, New Canada Goose New 2015 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offthis whole life in addition to giving her a matrimony certificate, a broken up house, also had what?Just discover while probably waiting until hair white to regret, she has already become the other people's walking stick.

The youth is like poem, a green puckery poem, that is a pure but muddled time, can never forget, that Zhui full whole starlight of blue sky, seem the tentacle be within the reach of, can never forget, the years of that scallion inside, we kid's sort fine pure appearance. The youth is like poem, a bright and beautiful poem, that is the day that a solid white wins snow, the facing the sky fearlessness flies, New Canada Goose New 2015 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offand we are most all brave kids, have plain living and the most faraway dream, more want to embrace each other in the most beautiful a moment, do the the that each other expects most . The youth is like poem, a poem of self-will, that is a flurried but insolent day, the juniority ever is personal independence of conduct, revolted unruly, we thought that wes were Evil-doers, until the quickly passing time danced in the wind change the person and matter of material life, just understand oneself flimsily defenseless. The youth is like poem, a poem of sadness, that is one to suppress a dark day, the heavy burden presses we can not breathe, the young heart is full of the sadness that the hard speech says, the happiness is had no evil smiling face to no longer present we of childish face up, replace of is the life of benumbed mechanization, even if the wry smile can not also cover up our sad. The youth is like poem, a poem of growth, once fought shoulder to shoulder of we , after the baptism of years, becamed grace mature reasonable, but distinguished a moment, we could not chase a tears control any further, each soon rush thing, finally cantillate to belong to our poems. Youth such as a rainbow sort gorgeous poem, the youth makes us take sweet with bright pain the ground grow up reasonable, the youth passes like flowing water a sort to easily die, the youth is to let we hereafter will shed tears to think of of those people, those matter. The youth is like poem! Ha ha, New Canada Goose New 2015 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offwrite modern poem for the first time!The level is limited!The contusion of youth

Aforetime, limits of the earth just as very short distance, only because the Lang has feeling Qie to have intention to.But at present, although get one heart person, hard and grey-haired not and mutually leave.Still thank a gentleman to know my idea, the feeling gentleman is pity, thank a vain inside of gentleman more concomitant for falling in love of three yearses.The helpless good luck goes to good luck to the good luck like water, the reality ties down not from person.From wildly sigh, the deep love good luck is shallow, good dream ancient difficult park.When once, tender feelings water, the wedding day was like dream.(: )Recall~to the mind early times, the ground is long sky of long, vows of eternal love, dynasty dynasty act act, the feeling language Ying Ying.But at present, the good luck falls feeling to spread a square to know, affectionate hate from ancient empty remaining, the good dream cause is the most proper to come to.Sighs, if it had been known that tie down, don't why not and at the beginning and not acquaint with.Sigh more, life such as if beginning see, He Shi's autumnal winds sad painting?Origin, a net line be not falsely, the ground Cape limits of the earth isn't long.When good luck fell, see again not acquaint with, from now on Liu Lang is a stranger.Don't after the gentleman, the pure sorrow bead tears inwardly hide, sweet and charming and smile slightly inebriate red pack.Not way wound spring, not way sad autumn.The seductive eyes craves for, the Hui heart orchid Sao.Lead a happy-go-lucky life.Drama Nue life.Luo Xiu lightly shakes, the pipa doesn't embrace, red cherry, green banana.Is decayed to inebriate a dance, not the way longs for an idea, don't chat previous incarnation feeling.Not upper level building, don't say sorrow.Don't love pleasant breeze.Only love wine.Isn't afraid the red candle understand to long for, only afraid night rain hang up tears.Smile oneself, affectionate but total heartless.Advise oneself, the joys and sorrows everyone has.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714475/24 wait a minute around

The reform opens, the individual door bought a car to participate in a transportation luck camp and became flowing water line to the car of Wei shop and all had a car to wait you at any time and gave the line to bring not stingy then.That year I inside stay back, went to a Shu Ye companies of Wei shop and edit a work, go by car to go home on weekends, go home by bus from the small merchandise city of Wei shop very convenient.But feel a not enough safety, a lot of time sees public car owner of individual in order to contend for a passenger, fight to scold Niang, more let what people worried BE, ignore safety whether, as long as someone beckons with the hand and then parks the car to pick up person, taking car like this sometimes has to make people hold sweat.Continuously develops along with my city economy for the last few years, Mr. hands over reform also at in imposing arraily in progress, changed thus miscellaneous disorderly had no the confusion situation of preface formely, make the safety that people felt go by car and convenient.A few days ago go to the farmland Liu Zou's relatives, at old an in the street corner sit to get on the car, time of half hour is peaceful to arrive destination, true compare open from drive all economical, make a convenience of.All the way the driver teacher is responsible, each arrive a to stand to all instruct a passenger to slowly get off, also want to notice a safety after getting off.This a few unattractive words are like a warm current, warmth the large passenger's heart, New Canada Goose New 2015 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offembodied social civilization continuously to raise.The passenger also aware of self to let for the old man, pregnant woman and health conditions not good person and make people feel a motherland big family of warmth.Mr. hand over to reform advantages much many, wish near future, people will embark bus to be into a kind of vogue and habit, gradually change currently street up raging river of cars and trucks, the car tail spirit protects the ill-health situation in the living environment.(: )The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713995/Calmly derive from heart

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