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My friend is a lot of, and I believe that my friend is also very true.I also have some ever ofFriend& rdquo;, Once paid to lead as well sincerely, however didn't contact now, because I know that they aren't my friends.Still said my friend, this be point, friend's don't care is from how, how financial situation is, Cheap Canada Goose Sale Online Sale Online 2014what friend cares is a heart, when the friend was difficult, whether diligently once thought oneself can help favour;When friend is successful, will can't sincerely substitute him(she) happy;When oneself is difficult, which friends stand out dint to stand you;When oneself is successful, which friends does oneself want to share his/her own success and joy with.This is the friend, I believe that this am also my friend.

The personality is a kind of lonesome. Personality of lonesome, the woman of personality is in fact a kind of more deeply lonesome. It isn't an apprehensibility of everybody.Much time of personality is mum to realize. Being a woman is very difficult.The woman is different from man.The man experiences a vicissitudes of life, will increase the magic power of personality, but the woman then will be with cuts and bruises all over, Cheap Canada Goose Sale Online Sale Online 2014the not only spiritual and fine thing will pass, and the meeting facial appearance is distressed.But had no vicissitudes of life, and then lose but tasty and depth, but become mediocre.So doing a woman who have the personality is more difficult. The woman of personality more elephant scenery, the different person will see a different beautiful scenery. The woman of personality, she always stands still over there quietly.You can comprehend as well as ignore a solution, she already doesn't matter.She just waits for appreciating her person quietly and feels pity on her person.Sometimes she will silently hope you and seem to be very apathetic and let you catch to touch not and deeply.Sometimes she will also Chu Chu is so moving, alhave so the side of a little if is unmanned.Can you if work hard thin article, the head quarter discovers many new fellings. Majority of men don't like the woman of personality.The woman of the personality good elephant is a frosty in bearing incarnation.The man always likes that the gentleness shows consideration to, the small bird depends on the person's woman.In fact more time men hope to own two women of roses at the same time.Like white the gentleness of the rose is like water, and then like a red rose of enthusiasm is like fire.In fact each women are a rose, just bloom of time is different from the degree, but a lot of time men are impatient to wait for a woman blooming another rose quietly leave, this is the man's woe, and is that the chemisette is sorrow.If the woman is a flower, I feel that the woman of personality should be a chrysanthemum, light of, You You of, with constant from beginning to end feelings to you, not warmly also not apathetic, just won be soft, soft medium needed you to slowly discover just.The flower of a woman is still a Tan of personality quietly blooms in the lonesome night and only have the talented person of heart the Bi public that can smell her the subtle fragrance of the Pi, Cheap Canada Goose Sale Online Sale Online 2014so as to catch what she flitted brief United States, but profoundly and memorably. The woman of personality, always give you if namely if the distance left.The talented person, who truely knows to appreciate, can realize distance creation the United States.Through be apart from the woman whom you can see a personality that kind of reserved United States. Don't know the woman of personality actually the United States isn't beautiful.Chinese dream

27, I QQ lovers head be like I not- essential music I wait you, I wait you to find out one to no longer keep me waiting you of good reason.

Once liked a poem very much:End of the day Jia Ling river water east, the pear spends ten thousand slices of pursue river's breeze.The river spends where most the bowel break, half's falling a river to flow half is getting empty.The reason that at the beginning likes no longer remembers.Just feel that this poem makes me think of a painting.In Marchary, the pear flower was filled with river's shore, pure river's water slowly flows through, wet years.The breeze rises, the pear flower dances in the wind and turns to make the white Die for covering with and float a Yi whereabouts to go into a river to flow in, aimless walk.Think more, at quite river shore shore, stay by the side a bloomy pear flower, so Anne is safe steady of lead a lifetime, stay to reside forever at this be full of poetic season.Can there are several people again, can really attain to stay in the time, don't change damp Wen Run's heart because the time is old to go to?World of mortals all things of the universe, the current affairs is like cloud, you I truely can or so fact at too little.Rather, and turn to make this to cover with to dance in the wind a pear flower, mutually with breeze with, fall into the smoke flower lane Mo, usually somebody else, experience successively a prosperous vicissitudes of life, loose a life time but independence.

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