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The life of a hundred years, the fillip is in a hurry.The time is the firework of the landscape somebody else inside, across a distant fog color, at third hand spread to the utmost.Only stay sighing of stranger surprise.In years past of an elegance, eventually arrive however half Zhang quicksand, the country of Zheng Rong grip in the hand, quietly the Qing falls in the years.Hao boundless blue sky, the ancient Hong Huang has been far, it is already a quarterly transmigration of soul to float to living again.Is what pleased, what sad, what wrong, what right?However is a Fu You is one a life time, the dream returns to south.Be signed to the other shore of time while seeing again, see the rains and winds float to shake, the things of the past is gradually far.

I secretly slipped away into his official residence in the evening and changed to return him with own blood cuckoldry life.The Buddha knew that felt pity on me, my the memory being a white fox blured out and became my body a green lotus before the Buddha and let me turned 100001000 livesed with his Du, but I still can not escape a predestination, in this a life time, still feel attracted to him.

The evening goes to bookstore and become a turn of again, the second floor comes in of forever is concerning target concerning of book, several year agos, I is the most at that time that flower.No longer remember that oneselfs didn't stop over over there for a long time more, probably is favour and probably pay no attention.

The noon of the youth, the same village brothers is small to gather, knows a some elder brother of old house place while life still lingers, Cheap Canada Goose Jackets For Kids Sale Online 2014think that several year agos meet in the city, just like yesterday, feel sad.No matter the life has how many Chang not, finally can not go against, but connect the qualificationses of recollection to all have no, Cheap Canada Goose Jackets For Kids Sale Online 2014pain when can return other people also have what!Remind Yang Xiong, at present what condition, want to know but afraid know, still keep being been saved to on board number of hand, not dare to stir pass by.Knew last year that Yang Xiong got sick, and cancer.Contact me, hope to beg famous doctor to grant good method in the city and finally be constrained by many restrictions, the still just old house made a conservative treatment.The effect isn't very good, the spring comes to city now and walked a few hospitals, also hanged several experts, prescribe some medicines to return to.At that time, saw him even walked all exhausting appearance, seemed to connect in the oneself heart painful of the fellings all had no, all empty of, don't know how to do, how said.Think, be me to still keep giving birth to Long Huo Hu every day, still keep being song to the wine, still keep often wanting to look for incitement, I can't think old of I.But Yang Xiong, can't think, either old of oneself, but his beard thinks at that moment at least of he.Associate a little bit ex- days to return to old house, see the father's portrait, Cheap Canada Goose Jackets For Kids Sale Online 2014still keep being that so noodles to permit, other olds, his together age person even a little bit small of, all become"old"er than him, the heart suddenly feels, can see own close relatives with each passing day old to go, it is a how happy affair to be, also think oneself ability doddering is also a God to grant to own boon.(: )Yang Xiong is my schoolmate in the senior high school, my leader of class, he regiment department secretary.Think of at that time scene, the desire smiled but tears.Have no who owe who, also have no the cent of height, we ever three year, time, a classroom, a dormitory, once took the same rackets, once rode the same to break a car.Is 43 years old, he is suffering from constant illness at present, my heart is hard to accept, sympathetic toward or other, face life, in addition to holding in high esteem, Cheap Canada Goose Jackets For Kids Sale Online 2014how again!Much time, we always care own of get, always described with a delicate touch losing of other people, faced natural affection, friendship, the way of was usually at that time.Don't should is the usually the most precious thus, also lose most easily.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713800/The Mao set returns

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