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A long long steam-whistle is horizontal empty to ring out, covered up me in a moment that is out of harmony"Ding Ding" voice.Air downfall slice slice the withered leaf beat to turn in the breeze, I hope the direction of house, Cheap Canada Goose Jacket For Kids Sale Online 2014at father very steady vision the bottom safely return to home town.

Mathematics is an academics that has very strong abstraction, mathematics classroom usually seems to be lifeless and dull.I am a mathematics teacher and how let my mathematics classroom also fascinatingly get up?Lesson remaining time I study 《mathematics course standard 》 hard and draw to take a new principle from it, from content of course to teaching method, lead from the scenario go into to the cooperate learning, indicated a direction for my teaching work.Pass to carry on to own teaching arousable introspect, summary, I deeply realize mathematics classroom to make people the center, pay attention to the student is in mathematics activity the emotion and attitude for expressing, help a student to know himself/herself, build up confidence, Cheap Canada Goose Jacket For Kids Sale Online 2014promote the student's overall development.Then classroom can truely become stir up a student life vitality, help the student to develop of emollient means, become student's fancy, continue to long for, the home of maintenance.Only on the classroom like this, the student can acquire to in many ways satisfy and develop, the teacher's labor would the Shan appear a creation of glorious and human nature magic power.

I see in the city of the person and affair is like violence, respect, love, touched.It is respect, trust to realize in the mind, love, strong move in my afferent midstream like the blood in the body.I like a kind of felling like this.When I hear heart palpitates speed, breath speed, the blood flows speed of voice, Cheap Canada Goose Jacket For Kids Sale Online 2014I imitate a Buddha to roam about at pleasure in another world, search a happiness in another world and search the hope in my heart.At the same time drive beautiful forest, the impressive-looking waterfalls draws on.It seems to be so valuable in the deep mountain, so of make me feel to cherish, draw on me like this.When I walk into it, discover that it comes out hot air.I by hand feel it, can feel its temperature, not cold not hot——Imitate a Buddha to suit a swimming and bathe in the hot spring very much.Look up at the sky, it thus of blue, thus of make me move.Probably could not see in the another place.When I return to reality, discover that I am lying on the bed, but the all these is a reality like this, make me move like this.I like in the life in bad territory like this.Like in the writing in environment like this, all these& hellip;When my heart is surrounded by it, discover that the mind is no longer clean and pure, it is dirty.From each organ to bloods all BE.I why so and over feeling?Only is a desire or a physiology up can not satisfy.The need of physiology is mentally bigger than of need.No matter how it is, I get away from, can not get away from.It has already got into my soul and thinking space.It obstructs me——Let me can never get away from crary music, love of writing.The flash light of mightiness appears in this a moment.Appear a female singer in the dance floor, her singing is such beautiful, attraction like this I.I see her that melancholy look in the eyes and still keep owning brilliant smile& mdash on the face;—These are occupation morals and character.When I sink to immerse female singer's daintiness of in the singing, can appreciate to express in the singing of everything.Like read a writing of daintiness, can feel mood for author to writes, facial expression and the then mindset.She sang alignment backstage, what to leave is the applause and screech that once in a very long while can not quell.

The morning of summer, I stepped on the road of time country, the sun hasn't talked a cerebellum bag and also only have at this times, return calculate a little bit cooler.In my memory, summer root nonexistentIs coolThis word of, can the morning at present, I think like this for the first time.

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